Lightning Talks 2: Practice

Saturday, April 09, 2016: 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Biltmore Ballroom

Chair: Nik Honeysett

Museums are not broken!
- Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History, USA

Falk Meets Online Motivation: Results from a Nationwide Survey Project
- Sarah Wambold, Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Marty Spellerberg, Spellerberg Associates, USA

OpenPTrack: Body-Based Group Tracking for Informal Learning Spaces
- Randy Illum, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Presence: An Introduction ((Or an attempt at a grand-unification for AR, VR, Holograms, Sound Installations, Visiting a Museum, and, yes, even Penguins))
- Michael Haley Goldman, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA

Give it Away to Get Rich: The Virtuous Cycle of Open Cultural Heritage
- Effie Kapsalis, Smithsonian Institution Archives, USA, Shana Kimball, The New York Public Library, USA

Fighting for attention: The best online collection in the world...EVER!
- Gavin Mallory, Cogapp, UK

The “Apple Corps”: Cultural Organizations + Tech-Savvy Educator Interns = New Opportunities
- Kevin von Appen, Ontario Science Centre, Canada, Sabrina Greupner, Ontario Science Centre, Canada

So you have 200,000 followers. Now what? A discussion on the future of social media, in the face of absolute success
- Miriam Newcomer, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF), USA

Slow in the Age of Fast
- Meagan Estep, National Gallery of Art, USA

Ready, Set, Crowdfund! (or not)
- Maren Dougherty, San Diego Convention Center, USA

Adapting Museum Studies Programs for a Digital Future
- Caitlin Kearney, George Washington University / Museum of American History, USA, Kelsey Johnston, National Aquarium, USA