Transforming the Museum Ticketing Experience

Exhibitor Briefing
Nathan Peterson, Area360 (STQRY), USA, Chris Smith, STQRY Inc., USA, Jennifer Smith, Area360, Inc, USA

Every meaningful visit, starts with a ticket.

The Broad Museum is the most exciting new museum to come onto the scene in the last decade. While decision makers were debating how to stand up this spectacular institution, it wasn’t just the art, nor the architecture that needed both innovation and attention to detail. Technology needed to play a large part in transforming the visitor experience into a unique, immersive and impactful opportunity to explore.

In 2012, STQRY was created as an interactive mobile storytelling platform which is now being used at over 400 culture and arts organizations internationally to enhance visitor experiences. As the STQRY platform advanced, Area360 (STQRY’s parent company) found a growing need for museums to adopt a modern, more flexible, and mobile ticketing solution. In 2015 Area360 launched STQRY Ticketing with perhaps the most exciting new museum in the world, The Broad.

Learn how The Broad, LA’s hot new museum, worked with the technology team at Area360 (creator of STQRY) to develop an intuitive, mobile first ticketing solution that takes the visitor on a seamless journey from their home all the way to when they walk into the museum.

STQRY Ticketing empowered The Broad to:
– Utilize any type of ticket, any time, any value
– Build beautiful custom branded event pages
– Take advantage of easy, no hassle payment processing
– Mobilize staff with super fast mobile check-in tools
– Get real support from real people
Simple Pricing and Payment Processing – Goodbye Hidden Fees!

How can your museum take advantage of this innovative ticketing experience? Attend Area360’s STQRY Ticketing exhibitor briefing!

For a sneak preview of the technology in action, see a video of STQRY Ticketing in use at The Broad here! (<-----insert link to vimeo video)