The Rise of the Podio Tour

Professional Forum
Julie Treumann, Acoustiguide, USA, Chelsea Beck, The Broad, USA, Robin White Owen, MediaCombo, Inc., USA

It may not be new, but what’s happening in podcasting today is nothing short of a revolution. It has redefined the medium and reshaped the way we think about audio and storytelling.This panel will explore what we’re calling “The Podio Tour”—apologies for the inevitable portmanteau!—and what happens when two worlds collide. Is it possible to mash-up the best of the storytelling and sound design in today’s most popular podcasts (RadioLab, Serial, StartUp, 99% Invisible, Invisibilia, etc) with the mobile museum tour…and still make for a good visitor experience? Projects to be discussed will include The Broad’s “Artists on Artists” tour and Chicago History Museum’s “Chicago Authored” experience. We’ll examine the hows and whys of what came to be, including the role of sound design, editing of interviews and developing the narrator voice. Panelists include Chelsea Beck, Special Projects Associate at The Broad; Tamara Biggs, Director of Exhibitions at the Chicago History Museum and Julie Treumann, Chief Creative Officer at Acoustiguide, as well as a special guest from the radio/podcasting world who will offer insight, advice and feedback on best practices, audio design and storytelling approaches to compliment the museum-going experience.