The Museum and the Data Divide: Power and Influence in Analytics

Exhibitor Briefing
Angie Judge, Dexibit, New Zealand

As a society, we’ve long been aware of the digital divide – the implications between the haves and have nots of connectivity. Our cultural sector has not only been acutely mindful of the problem and the need to join the digital revolution ourselves – but also part of the solution, with many museums and libraries serving as digital hubs to aid digital access in their communities. Now, we face a gap of a different kind and a call to arms again, with the data divide.

To understand this challenge we need to go back and evaluate the changing nature of data in the museum, then look into the future to define a new role for data driven insight in cultural institutions, then think through how musedata fits into the world’s big data ecosystem. To what extent will data’s role in the museum continue to evolve?

Join Angie Judge from Dexibit to discuss how this era of analytics fits within technology transformation and the complex issues the museum faces when innovating in a data obsessed world. Angie will share the findings from Dexibit’s research into the state of musedata and case study examples on how analytics is changing approaches to museum management. From objectivity versus context, correlation to causation, algorithms and assumptions, this session will provide a centrepoint for a discussion around power and influence in analytics.

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