The Mighty Prototype: Improve (Almost) Anything, Convince (Almost) Anyone – Booth 6

Liz McDermott, Getty Research Institute, USA, Alicia Houtrouw, Getty Research Institute, USA, Catherine Bell, J Paul Getty Museum, USA

This session demonstrates how to quickly test users to gain valuable UX feedback and how to adapt similar techniques for effective stakeholder presentations. We’ll show how wireframing, rapid prototyping, and testing in a mock gallery environment can serve as invaluable tools throughout project development.

We will also share two key challenges from our own experience developing the “Art of Food” mobile tour (

How to iteratively develop the user experience: Holding a device inherently creates a distraction from the world outside the device, How do you create effective interaction between a visitor’s phone and the gallery space in an interesting, easy, and intuitive way? User testing with prototypes eliminates the guesswork, and reveals what is working and what isn’t.

How to gain stakeholder buy-in: Inviting stakeholders to interact with sample content via prototypes as content is being developed can increase stakeholders’ understanding of the digital process, address their concerns, and earn their confidence and personal investment in the project.

We’ll conclude by showing how to set up a mock gallery for user testing and invite audience members to engage with the mobile prototype in a mock gallery setting.

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