Tackling Complex Web Projects

How-to Session
Sean O'Shea, Cuberis, USA, Ray Parrish, Cuberis, USA

Web projects are notoriously complex, and starting at square one can be a daunting task. This is especially true in museums, where team members and stakeholders have a wide variety of backgrounds and differing concepts of how a website should be used. And the end result ultimately needs to serve your museum’s diverse spectrum of audiences, each with their own unique needs, goals and constraints.

During this session, we will explore exercises and tools you can use to kick off web projects with confidence. Arm your team with strategies designed to tackle complexity head on, build consensus among internal stakeholders and maintain positive momentum throughout any project’s lifecycle.

We’ll cover—
• How to adopt a discovery mindset first, framing how your team defines and approaches problems;
• How to establish a project team, setting expectations throughout your organization;
• How to dig to the root of issues, uncovering new project-orienting insights;
• How to plot and harness the ecosystem of connections your organization makes with its audiences.

We’ll also empower you to lead stakeholder workshop exercises, with introductions to best practice concepts including—
• Personas and archetypes, and how to use them as as a project lens to focus effort;
• Spectrum polling, to gather unbiased analog feedback and create alignment within your team;
• The KJ Method of cardsorting, to quickly identify and prioritize resonant content and functionality.

Finally, we’ll introduce various prototyping methods designed to build on the momentum you’ve created so far, including—
• Moodboards, for exploring look and feel;
• Sitemaps and content maps, for exploring a site’s organization and hierarchy;
• Page prototyping, to define what messaging, content, and functionality are critical for you and your various audiences.

Attendees will also receive a workbook outlining all of the exercises above, with examples and directions.

Case Studies that we have completed for museum-relevant web projects:
- The Brinton Museum: http://www.cuberis.com/case-study/brinton-museum
- The Nasher Museum of Art: http://www.cuberis.com/case-study/nasher-museum-of-art
- Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts: http://www.cuberis.com/case-study/mmfa