Spirit of Anzac Centenary Touring Exhibition Audio guide

Lightning Talk
Scott Brewer, Art Processors, USA

In September 2015 Australian War Memorial launched the Spirit of Anzac Touring Exhibition. The flagship community project of the Anzac Centenary national programme. This free exhibition tells the story of Australia’s involvement in the First World War to the present day. Over the course of 18 months the Experience will travel to 23 locations across Australia.

The audio guide plays a major role in the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience. All visitors will receive an iPod Touch and headphones upon arrival for use during the Experience.

The audio guide features a simple on-screen tutorial on how to use the device that you should review before you enter the Experience.

As you move through the Experience, the audio guide will automatically provide a narration of the history on display, as well as sound effects and music to enhance the visitor journey in each gallery. (Note: The narration can be turned off at any time if preferred.).

In this lightening talk Art Processors will talk through many of the key technologies and techniques used to develop the audio guide experience for visitors including the creation of a spatial audio engine utilising indoor location technology, advancements in data transfer to avoid the need for (and complications created by) WiFi and temporal synchronisation to allow for audio played over screens to be heard via the iPods.