Social Reading: Expanded Publishing at MOCA

Lightning Talk
Aria Dean, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), USA

This presentation will explore our digital program at MOCA. We will review some of the recent changes we’ve made in how we handle our digital presence as well as outline recent successes, failures, and plans for the future.

We have long passed the moment for viewing the Internet as an advertising tool for a physical museum experience, where a Twitter account is tantamount to a billboard, instead, we recognize an exponentially higher number of people engage with our institution online than pass through the doors of our three Los Angeles locations.

We view the museum not as a physical location but as a series of events breaking down the supposed divide between the “digital” and “physical.” MOCA’s online presence is a set of experiments that test the boundaries between text, object, and environment–an unbound, networked publication in both senses of the word–an object that is published and a verb that describes the act of publishing. In our expanded view of publishing, we have a new opportunity for non-linear storytelling and an associative, exploded new narrative that’s uniquely reflective of our present moment.