Simplifying Museum Content Contribution: Current Work in the Field

Professional Forum
Rob Lancefield, Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University, Susan Chun, Susan Chun, Publishing, Consulting, and Research, USA, Erin Coburn, Independent Consultant, USA, Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, Yale Center for British Art, USA

Contributing museum content such as images and metadata can be overly resource-intensive. For example, sharing metadata with multiple aggregators can entail a one-off process for each, requiring excessive time from staff. Several projects are under way to help simplify these processes, and the organizers of a grassroots effort called Simplifying Museum Content Contribution (SMCC) will lead this forum. SMCC began in 2014 by eliciting museum needs in this area and now has gathered sample sets of image metadata for use in finding a way forward. The forum will include SMCC updates in the context of several projects that have similar motivations and are working on this problem from complementary angles. There will be lots of time for discussion.