Revamping art collections website: content, technology and organisational setup – Booth 9

Michal Čudrnák, Slovak National Gallery, Slovakia

In june 2015 we launched a new version of the “Web of art” ( – online collection website developed in-house at Slovak national gallery (SNG), aggregating data (records and images) from major Slovak art museums. With a new technological and organizational setup, we have been able to launch a revamped version of a website that has been running for more than 5 years. In the course of the years, we have reached a point where a “command line-like” search bar, thumbnail images, limited navigation and content curation had made the website obsolescent technologically and content-wise. Rather than to continue the web-development with the contracted software developers, we have decided to go on our own and enlarge our team. In the process, a small lab.SNG division was established, developing, curating and maintaining the website in-house, making use of agile practices, open source approach and working closely with other departments (marketing, design studio, educational and curatorial staff) and building on users needs. Being quite local we work with the specifics and come up with features created for our community of users: artists profiles as new access points to browse the artworks, curated personal collections, or Slovak vocabulary extension to Elastic Search. In our paper we will summarize our experience of this technological, content and organizational transition.

Organizational change inspiration:
Blog post on lab.SNG:
Web design inspiration:
Data modeling inspiration: Getty ULAN, Cataloguing Cultural Objects