Rethinking Traditional Exhibition Labels with New Technology at the Field Museum – Booth 32

Christina Yang, Field Museum, USA, Taylor Peterson, The Field Museum, 60605

In June 2015, The Field Museum opened The Cyrus Tang Hall of China, a permanent exhibition that discusses 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture. To help interpret this expansive subject, the Museum team created a completely digital labeling system referred to as “interactive touchscreen labels”. At their core, interactive labels share the same goals as static or printed labels: to deliver important object information and to strengthen exhibition themes. What differentiates them from traditional labels is that they offer visitors the power to explore and personalize their experience to what is most fascinating to them. In total, 45 interactive labels are interspersed throughout the exhibition, with one to two touchscreens positioned in front of most object cases. The Exhibitions team arrived at the final hardware design and information architecture after several rounds of hardware prototyping and after multiple rounds of user interface studies with visitors.