MuseumDraw for People in Museums Today

Lightning Talk
Paige Dansinger, #GalleryPaige, USA

When the Rijksmuseum recently proposed that their visitors disengage from their mobiles to draw in museums, I saw an opportunity to act as a “Rainbow Bridge” to introduce MuseumDraw. MuseumDraw is a Free Meet-up Group Activity (with over 80 members), held twice weekly at Mia, that offers visitors a unique experience by demonstrating that mobile devices are an ideal drawing tool for people in museums today.

This Lightening Talk will highlight the beginning efforts of starting the Meet-up Group. Members will learn about my experience creating a relationship with a local mobile app company (Appikiko) to provide free software downloads for participants, the results of many who have learned to use their mobiles in museums beyond #Selfies to capture their experiences, the public learning new mobile and drawing skills, igniting art history in museums with new perspectives, and the joy of participants sharing their works with friends online.

We will explore the broadening reach that MuseumDraw has potentially influencing the public, and as a catalyst for new forms of museum education by enabling visitors to engage in future learning techniques by using mobile phones to draw art in museums today.

Start Drawing by Rijksmuseum