Move!Move!Move! – The Concept of Polish Poster Digital Exhibition

Ji GUO, Shanghai University Museum, China

Shanghai University Museum is currently under construction. Therefore, we get chance to shift our eyes to digital collections and explore the connections and information embedded in the collections.
We chose Polish posters as a pilot project for this work. Prior to this in 2014, we held “Jewel on the Crown – Polish Poster Art Exhibition”. The digital exhibition consists of four sections, namely “Collection”, “Connoisseur”, “Information” and “About Activity”. It was designed in different forms, including the exhibits, 2.5D Panorama, e-book, opening content, from different points of view to show Polish poster arts.
To better demonstrate the exhibits, we tried various ways to involve our visitors in the exhibition, like playing quiz games to improve their understanding. We also undertook crowdsourcing, invited audiences to contribute to our Museum by providing us with suggestions and advice on the selection and display of the exhibits in the hope of promoting the research and new exhibitions in the future.

Nikoleta Yiannoutsou & Nikolaos Avouris, The Mobile Games In the Museum: From Learning Through Playing Games To Learning Through Designing games