Iterative Interface Design for a Multitouch Table Experience – Booth 9

Jesse Heinzen, Heinzen Media LLC, United States, Jim Spadaccini, Ideum, USA

This demonstration will explore the iterative design process involved in developing a multitouch table experience for the “Suburbia” exhibit at the Minnesota History Center. The exhibit explores the vast suburban expansion that has occurred since the mid 20th Century in the area surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul. The table experience allows users to view change over time utilizing a considerable collection of aerial photography of the Twin Cities area that was taken throughout much of the 20th Century. The areas of exploration center around seven shopping malls that represent diverse geographic regions around the Twin Cities suburbs. Users are able to select a mall by dragging its logo into a viewer, and then slide through five different years of that mall and surrounding area from an aerial perspective, as well as zoom and pan on each image. While the interface sounds simple, it took several iterations and plenty of user testing to get from an initial concept to the final result on the museum floor.