Is Linked Open Data the way forward?

Professional Forum
Eleanor Fink, American Art Collaborative, USA, Shane Richey, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, USA, Jeremy Tubbs, Conlectio, USA, Rebecca Menendez, Autry Museum of the American West, USA, Cathryn Goodwin, Princeton University, USA

Last year the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a planning grant to the American Art Collaborative (AAC), a consortium of thirteen U.S. museums who have come together to learn about and implement LOD within their respective museums. Under the grant AAC developed a road map for the Initiative that will test LOD reconciliation issues, develop production and reconciliation tools, and result in the publication of American art holdings as LOD for researchers, educators, general public, aggregators such as DPLA, ResearchSpace, and digital application developers. The road map also includes publication of best practices and guidelines to share with the broader museum community.

In September 2015, AAC member Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art received on behalf of AAC, an IMLS National leadership grant and plans for additional grants are underway. These grants are allowing AAC to convert data to LOD using the CIDOC CRM, link to the Getty Vocabularies as well as contribute missing names to enhance the vocabularies, and implement an API and reader compliant with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) that will allow researchers to compare and contrast AAC LOD. Several open source tools including a link curation tool and IIIF/CRM translator will be developed and made available for other museums. AAC is developing its LOD under a federated model whereby each AAC member assumes responsibility for updating and maintaining its own data.

The session will bring together representatives from large as well as small AAC partners to discuss the benefits of LOD, some of the lessons learned and challenging documentation issues AAC is facing.

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