Flemish Audiovisual Archive (VIAA) Enabled by MediaHaven

Exhibitor Briefing
Bruno Van Den Bossche, Zeticon NV, Belgium, Eva Verdoodt, VIAA, Belgium

This session describes the case of the Flemish Audiovisual Archive and the choice of MediaHaven to manage the multimedia content. On December, 21 of 2012 the Flemish Government facilitated the startup of VIAA, the Flemish Institute for Archiving. VIAA was charged with organizing, digitizing, preserving and distributing over 500k hours of audiovisual content representing decades of Flemish culture held by 40+ organizations, ranging from the national broadcaster VRT, archival institutes in the cultural heritage sector and museums such as the S.M.A.K., the Museum of Modern Art in Ghent.

The content needed to be registered, digitized, archived and made accessible to target audiences as soon as possible. VIAA kicked off the project in the spring of 2013. One year later the archive is fully operational and ready to keep growing with an estimated capacity of 15PB by 2017.

This exhibitor brief dives in to the challenges that occur with regard to the Media Asset Management challenges and the use of MediaHaven in this project.

At the end of this exhibitor briefing you will have a good understanding of the VIAA project, the practical implementation with regard to the asset management and what to watch out for in any digital preservation project, irregardless if it is a project of a few thousand items or a few million items.