Film Annotation for Collections and Research – The Ephemeral Films Project – Booth 32

Chris Brown, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA

This open source project makes video content searchable down to a single frame across a collection of video content. We hope that by demonstrating the use of this tool we can encourage others to make their film and video archives more accessible and to help contribute to the development of a standard for annotating film and video resources. A live project created with this tool can be found here: and the open source project can be downloaded here:

Film scholars and archivists: we would love to have your feedback about the interface and its use. Let us show you how a tool like this can be used to make your collections more accessible to researchers. We would also like to know what features we might be missing to make this the perfect tool for you. We want to know more about your organization and how your film and video collection is currently used by your audience.

We encourage developers to come by for an in depth look at how the project caters to the needs of film scholars and to discuss the needs of the project going forward. Download and install the project ahead of time so you can bring your questions and concerns. We look forward to seeing where this project can take film and video collections and how scholars and researchers will benefit from direct access to video frame by frame.