Fighting for attention: The best online collection in the world…EVER!

Lightning Talk
Gavin Mallory, Cogapp, UK

“One of the things we think about is: how do we even get people to know we have all this great stuff here? And the way you do that is by putting it online and getting people excited. The competition is not other museums. The competition is Netflix, Candy Crush. We’re fighting for attention” – Sree Sreenivasan, CDO, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Let’s take the fight to them.

The objects in our online collections are AMAZING. This talk will inspire, inform and empower museums to blow Netflix, Candy Crush, Facebook and their friends out of the digital water.
Taking mainstream entertainment as the competition (and occasionally the inspiration), this fun lightning talk will:

– Push the boundaries of what an online collection is
– Give a window onto the future of digital developments
– Suggest what the best online collection in the world…EVER could look like

The audience will be enthused with creative ideas that directly apply to their institution.

This talk will be based on Cogapp's extensive experience of developing online collections for museums including The Met; National Portrait Gallery London and MoMA, alongside our creative, user-centred approach to finding innovative technology-driven solutions for museum-specific challenges.

Sree quote: