Exploring the Future of Museums and the Web: Workshop

Jon Alexander, New Citizenship Project, UK

In the build-up to MWXX, the core organising team of Museums and the Web have been working to explore the future. In this invite-only session, we’re looking to take our thinking and idea generation process to the next stage by working with a number of you, the people who really make Museums and the Web what it is.
This work has been triggered by the changing context of our subject matter: when founder David Bearman sewed the seeds for Museums and the Web back in 1994, the web was a brand new technology. It was an act of foresight by David and co-founder Jennifer Trant in those early days to see that it might have an impact on the museums sector. Now, though, the web is far more than just a technology: it has become the dominant medium of our society, and fundamental infrastructure for everything we do. The Museums and the Web community has been at the cutting edge as this change has been emerging, but we believe now is the moment to push on to the next stage. We want to reflect this new reality better in our brand and communications, but more importantly in our community and the services we provide.
We are doing this work with the support of UK-based innovation consultancy the New Citizenship Project, and this workshop session will be facilitated by Jon Alexander of NCP together with MW’s Nancy Proctor.