Earprints on the Street: create a collaborative walking tour of downtown LA

Catherine Girardeau, Earprint Productions, USA, Jason Reinier, Earprint Immersive, Inc, USA

Make a documentary walking tour with Earprint. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll hit the streets around the Millennium Biltmore to create our own mini walking tour. Armed with audio recorders, camera phones and a sense of adventure, we’ll fan out in pairs to bring back street sound, voices and our own impressions of downtown LA landmarks. After the workshop, we’ll repair to a nearby cafe for lunch and conversation. Before MW is finished, participants will be able to hear their stops as part of Earprint’s Downtown LA tour on the izi.TRAVEL platform.
Limited to 6 participants.
Audio recorders and a crash course on using them, pre-chosen landmarks, and research materials will be provided.

1. Mission Creek Tour, created in a one-day workshop with USF Museum Studies Graduate Students
2. http://www.soundwalk.com/#/TOURS/
3. https://www.detour.com/