DigiVol: engaging volunteers to digitise museum collections – Booth 10

Megan Lawrence, Australian Museum , Australia, Megan Lawrence, Australian Museum , Australia

The Australian Museum (AM), in collaboration with The Atlas of Living Australia, developed DigiVol to harness the power of online volunteers to digitise data locked away in biodiversity collections, handwritten field notebooks and survey sheets.

Holding millions of specimens and objects, many of which were collected long before databases existed, each object within the AM holds important historical data. Handwritten labels contain information on what the specimen is and identifies when and where it was collected. This demonstration will illustrate how DigiVol engages volunteers to help capture this valuable data in the museum’s collections.

With around 1352 current volunteers, we have successfully transcribed 250424 tasks, mainly of specimen labels, field notebooks as well as tagging images. DigiVol continues to grow to include more institutions across the GLAM cultural sector harnessing the power of their online volunteer community to decipher collection information into accessible data.

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