Digital Orientation Stations at The Field Museum: Making of the Museum’s first digital wayfinding system – Booth 32

Taylor Peterson, The Field Museum, 60605, Christina Yang, Field Museum, USA

The Field Museum is extraordinary in size and scale, and navigating it can be a daunting experience for visitors. Inspired by the need to enhance its pre-existing wayfinding and informational resources, the Museum developed a series of interactive maps for five, key high-traffic locations throughout the building. Launched in July of 2015, these maps, called “Digital Orientation Stations”, not only help visitors quickly locate areas of interest, but also enable visitors to plan their day.

The particular scope and depth of the content, paired with functional, yet elegant design make this system a precedent in the digital wayfinding in museums. Meet with some of the team members to learn about the two-year process, from front-end evaluation procedures, to design and programming phases, to installation challenges and hear hear how the project goals were established and major decisions were made along the way.

Please access project brief (including front-end evaluation data and industry research mentioned in the proposal) and materials here: