Democratizing the Museum: creating a crowdsourced Tumblr – Booth 6

Mairin Kerr, Vancouver Public Library , Canada, Yukiko Stranger-Galey, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Canada

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia in Canada created a tumblr site,, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the university and the 5th birthday of the museum. This site is a case study of how to engage with your community in an authentic and meaningful way by incorporating their voices, giving up museum authority, and encouraging dialogue about the museum’s objects.

Modeling Crowdsourcing for Cultural Heritage. Julia Noordegraaf, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Angela Bartholomew, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Alexandra Eveleigh, University College London, UK
Crowdsourcing has been discussed in terms "...public participation in core tasks such as collecting, describing, categorizing, or curating heritage collections." What the Beaty has done is new in that it uses crowdsourcing for interpretation - not as an added layer to the museum's but as the primary interpretation.