Creating ‘Open’ Mobile Audio Guides. Why it Matters and What it Offers.

Exhibitor Briefing
Alex Palin, izi.TRAVEL, The Netherlands

During this working lunch, will cover different aspects of using open platforms for publishing content from museums, employing modern mobile technologies – as well as demonstrate how to high-quality content for mobile audio guides.

Part 1 will cover the theory behind widely available open platforms and open content. Part 2 will offer hands-on experience of creating texts, images, audio and video for your museum’s audio guide, and publishing it online.

Agenda for the session:

Part 1. The Benefits of Open Platforms and Open Content

1.1. Open and free platforms
● What are open platforms and how do museums already use them? (Google Art Project, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc)
● What is open content (with examples)?
● How does it all work together? Success stories from real-life museums and cities, plus the synergy of a ‘smart city’
● The Open standard as the communication tool between open platforms and open content

1.2. Accessing open content
● Why is focusing on high-quality content – and not on technology – so important?
● How to get the right content: a sample checklist for creating exciting content (with examples)
● What benefits does open content bring?

Part 2. Workshop: Create Your Own Mobile Audio Guide in 30 minutes

● Introduction to’s open platform
● Introduction to the workshop
● Content creation: writing texts, making the audio, images and video
● Uploading content to the CMS
● Live presentation of the results
● Marketing your audio guide
● Advanced features in mobile platforms