Closing the MWXX Pop-up Museum: Gaming Square Pegs into Dinosaur-shaped Holes

Barry Joseph, Barry Joseph Consulting, USA, Eve Gaus, The Field Museum, USA, Rik Panganiban, California Academy of Sciences, USA, Koven Smith, Koven J. Smith Consulting, USA

You’ve been hearing the buzz all conference – participants created, from scratch, during just one session, an amazing Museums and the Web Pop-up Museum, filled with fascinating artifacts from the past two decades. And, as if that weren’t enough, they designed games to facilitate visitor interaction within and across the exhibits (at

Come visit the Pop-up one last time. Come to ask questions. Come play with a crowd. Come to find guidance. Come talk with others about museums and games as constructed experiences and what happens when the two are combined. Come learn what exactly DID happen when a museum collection was treated not as static objects, but as pieces on a game board; the halls not as temples, but as playgrounds.

This session is your LAST CHANCE – to visit the MWXX Pop-up Museum, to play the museum games, to have your mind blown – and to get to say I WAS THERE! when the MWXX Pop-Museum officially closed.