Art++: Augmenting Art with Technology at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center

Maria del Carmen Barrios, Cantor Arts Center, USA, Chris Alexander, Cantor Arts Center @ Stanford, USA

Art++ is a powerful museum interpretation tool designed to create new points of access to works of art at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center. Through the practical use of image recognition, augmented reality technology, and dynamic content delivery, Art++ fosters new ways of understanding and engaging with art in an academic museum on a research driven campus.
Art++ will be released at Cantor Arts Center in the summer of 2016, following a two-year development process. The purpose of this demonstration is to show its progress, from Art++’s beginnings as a project led by research goals in applied sciences, to its refinement for the needs of curators and museum educators. The Art++ Initiative at Stanford illustrates how an academic museum may partner with the educational institute it serves to build an original mobile application. As museums continue to partner with private consulting companies for the design, construction, and launch of mobile applications, Art++ brings a unique perspective to the development of digital tools for museums.

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