All about MOOCs: producing, managing and sustaining effective online course experiences

Deborah Howes, Howes Studio Inc, United States

Now is a great time for all museums to consider how they can participate in the rapidly growing world of online courses, especially Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Formerly the exclusive domain of first-tier universities, MOOC platforms of various sizes and themes are welcoming museums to their course rosters as independent content producers as well as collaborators. In this workshop you will learn how to budget, plan, produce, and sustain a MOOC program, as well as select a MOOC platform that is best for your content and targeted audience. The workshop will be lead by two veteran MOOC-producers: Deborah Howes, formerly the Director of Digital Learning at the Museum of Modern Art, and Ajay Kapur, Founder and CEO of MOOC Platform Kadenze. Combining their considerable experience in designing learning experiences, Ajay and Deborah will deliver a workshop that is participatory, inclusive and informed by best practices at all levels. All interested in online learning are welcome regardless of previous experience.

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