GLAMi Nomination

Unique Visitors
Institution: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
Designer: Ana Basso - Unique Visitors
Tags: App, Collections Online, Digital Engagement, Participatory, Personalization, Website

Unique Visitors is a participatory platform where museum visitors and online users can be the curator and create their own narratives inside the museum collection.


That generates an interesting variety of crowdsourced tours that can be used by future visitors to guide them through the galleries or just browse online and enjoy the collection in a different way.


Unique Visitors was launched by the end of 2015 in collaboration with Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. It features an online catalogue of 1.795 artworks and make it available for visitors participation.


The biggest asset of Museu Nacional is its collection. Unique Visitors helps the museum leverage this asset to generate valuable digital engagement.

Using the responsive website or the mobile app, anyone can create a tour for visiting the museum and share it with others.


Engaging people and getting them to actively participate is not an easy task. To overcome it we have developed a very easy-to-use website that makes creating a tour a fun activity. All the data from the museum catalogue is already there (picture, metadata and description) so users don’t need to research anything. They just select the pieces they want to add and if they wish to do so they can make comments, explaining why they chose that subject or adding a comment  to each of the artworks they selected.


To make it even more appealing, the museum and Unique Visitors launched a contest to award the most creative tours. The contest achieved great results: we learned that anything can be a theme for a museum tour: Visitors created tours inspired by Umberto Eco’s book, colors, animals, selfies, woman artists, comic books… They even created a children’s game!


Another very surprising outcome was the variety of artworks used. In the contest, users activated 24% of all exhibited pieces. From about 1.800 exhibited artworks, 428 were used at least once.


Besides using it to promote visitors engagement, we also used Unique Visitors to create a link between a temporary exhibition (contemporary) and the collection (medieval). The artist created a tour so that we can see the museum through his eyes.


Unique Visitors is available for free as a website and mobile apps for iOS and Android. We recommend you to sign in and to create a tour (or even just a private draft). That way you will experience our search tool, which we take great pride of.