GLAMi Nomination

Pop Book - Fondation Louis Vuitton
Institution: Fondation Louis Vuitton
Designer: reciproque + Tera
Tags: Creative Souvenir, Cultural Gaming, Installation, Museum, Participatory, User Experience, Web Design

POP BOOK, the Millennials’ guestbook :
Demo :

POP BOOK is an interactive installation freely set up for visitors in the lobby of Fondation Louis Vuitton, a contemporary art center designed by Frank Gehry and located in Paris, which opened to public in October 2014.

Any visitor can draw by hand a personal message on a touchscreen and add a decoration to the background or a picture of themeselves. The message is then virtually sent to the Fondation as a bottle would be thrown into the sea, joining the gallery of unique visual messages created by others visitors.

The POP BOOK is a funny, agile and amusing tool. It’s akin to the participatory and creative applications such as “Yo”, “Instagram” and “Snapchat”, which promote rapid and instant posting. This device is suitable for visitors who don’t wish to leave a note write in the paper guestbook, but still want to send a simple and informal message, or simply wish to have fun before leaving the museum.

Visitors can record feelings, impressions, a grin, a word, a drawing, a brief outline, whatever they wish to share .

Visitors can at any time retrieve their creations on a personal URL, or on the POP BOOK’s Facebook app. Our communication department will periodically share a selection of the best contributions on the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s various social media outlets.

Since the project’s launch (January 15, 2016), we have observed:

– 150-250 submissions/day (which represents 15 to 25% of the public)

– joyful messages

– imaginative hand-written drawings

– family memory pictures

– over 3000 messages thus far

Coming soon : on demand, visitors can retrieve any message on a personal URL, or on POP BOOK’s facebook profile photo wall. Fondation Louis VUitton selects the images we love the most for sharing on our social networks (Instagram, facebook, twitter).


Teaser / Demo :


Pop book design in the lobby :

Pop book design

Pop book design (2)

Pop book design (3)

Pop book design (4)

Visitors contributions :

Tree - Ai Weiwei + birds Visitors selfie drawingVisitor drawing (3) Visitor drawing Visitor comment Visitor drawing (2)