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Looking with LeVar: Family Audio Tour
Institution: The Broad
Designer: The Broad, Sharna Jackson
Tags: App, Audio Tour, Children, Kids, Young Audiences, Education, Guide, Museum, Teens, Tourist Guide, Video

Looking with Levar is a family audio tour of the Broad collection for kids of all ages, narrated by award-winning actor, director, and education advocate LeVar Burton.


The Broad’s Family Tour was developed for all ages, taking an observational and sometimes fantastical approach intended to deepen the listener’s connection to the artwork. Narrator LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Roots) gives a spirited performance using his voice to emphasize important qualities of the artwork, while never sounding didactic or pandering. Sharna Jackson’s writing allows kids and their parents alike to find common entry points, like humor and storytelling to understand the content and concept behind a work of art.

Looking with LeVar is available to listen to on The Broad’s free mobile app and on The Broad’s YouTube channel.

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