GLAMi Nomination

Canberra Museum and Gallery/Historic Places website
Institution: Canberra Museum and Gallery/ACT Historic Places
Designer: Icelab
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Tags: API, Collections Online



CMAG and Historic Places websites


We worked with the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) to design and develop two completely new websites: one for the museum itself, and one for their sister institution ACT Historic Places. Both sites use the same backend and have the same functionalities with different presentations appropriate to their focus, one as a vibrant contemporary museum and gallery, the other as the managers of three significant historical properties.

The new websites highlight the diverse range of exhibitions, events and learning programs hosted at the museum, as well as the various events and local festivities across the historic places.

A major part of the project was to help CMAG showcase their large collection of artwork and artefacts on the web. Collection items are hosted on eHive: CMAG is in the process of digitising their entire collection. The site consumes the eHive API nightly.

We developed an online collection gallery with deep zoomability as well as a tool for CMAG to embed and feature collection items across the website in exhibition, event and blog content.

The ability to create online micro-exhibitions from any set of collection allows CMAG to not only replicate on-site exhibitions but also to collect and feature collection materials ad hoc.

Events and exhibitions form “what’s on”, a diverse collection of things to do of all kinds, which can be filtered by date, tag and type, meaning it’s easy to find past exhibitions or focus on just one topic.