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Artist-on-Artist Audio Tour
Institution: The Broad
Designer: The Broad, Acoustiguide
Tags: App, Audio Tour, Education, Experimental, Guide, Museum, Tourist Guide

The Broad’s Artists on Artists tour gives listeners a rare opportunity to hear some of the most prominent artists in The Broad collection give personal and off-the-cuff commentary on works by other prominent artists in the collection.  The pairings can be unexpected such as Kara Walker discussing Jeff Koons, or they can explore a lineage such as Sterling Ruby on Mike Kelley (Mike Kelley was Ruby’s professor). This tour shares insights about the works discussed, but also reveals much about the artist who is providing the commentary.  Listeners come away with a deeper understanding of the often unexpected ways artists look at art for inspiration and knowledge. Since many artists are so deeply influenced by music or are musicians themselves, we also incorporated music that was evocative of the artwork, such as Richard Hell’s “Blank Generation” in Sterling Ruby’s description of Christopher Wool’s, Untitled, 1990 or X-Ray Spex’s “Oh Bondage Up Yours” in Barbara Kruger’s description of Goshka Macuga’s Death of Marxism, Women of All Lands Unite, 2013.

As part of The Broad’s free museum app users also have access to relevant illustrations and videos that are discussed in the audio guide.

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All 18 Artist-on-Artist audio tours are also made available to listen to for free on The Broad’s website: