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GLAMi Winners

Three people smile at the camera; the woman in the middle holds a trophy. Behind them, a man stands at a podium.

Rich Cherry, Heather Hart, and Rosanna Flouty receive a 2016 GLAMi award for the Broad’s Learning Management System.

Platinum: AnnoTate
We love the design – it maintains the look and feel of something tangible, which is not an easy feat. It is easy to read text all over the page, upside down, sideways; it’s easy to do one line or an entire manuscript; in other words the interface is very thoughtfully designed and user friendly.

Gold: Total Solar Eclipse
Spectacular, impressive and holistic recording and dissemination of a natural phenomenon. A great example of how cultural institutions can be open to current events and be relevant to people.

Silver: Art UK
A massive challenge, well addressed: a smart, well-organized project wrangling more than 3,000 collections.

Bronze: #MetKids – Made for, with, and by kids
Friendly and approachable – for adults as well as kids – without dumbing anything down.

Bronze: BKM Tech Blog
Useful, candid presentation of the difficulties and problem-solving processes.

Bronze: The Broad’s Learning Management System
A thoughtful and dare we say, innovative, approach to training staff.

People’s ChoiceBritish Art Studies Online Journal
This project addresses one of the central problems of academia today. It’s not a sexy problem, but it is a dangerous and important one.

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Bearman and Jennifer Trant
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